Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Good News: Lots of Sunset Park Restaurant Attention

Within the last year or so, Sunset has gotten loads of (mainly) positive attention where food is concerned. That's nothing new. However, I thought I'd post links to two of the most recent since one highlights a new(er) restaurant, Mai Thai, and the other has a long list of places that don't always show up as obvious choices for a quick, cheap lunch or a place to get a more substantial meal. Enjoy. (Image from Eating in Translation.)

Keep Your Eyes on Mai Thai - Village Voice
One personal caveat: As with many restaurants, people occasionally get ill from the food. I haven't been back or ordered from Mai Thai since a friend shared that both she and her husband were violently ill after eating vegetable dishes from Mai Thai. They think it was the sauce, but who knows. I'm sure I'll get over it eventually.

Eating in Translation: Sunset Park
The entry about L&Y Bakery is very informative regarding the most delicious method for eating unfamiliar fruit.


Steven Baird said...

If it helps: My wife and I eat there at least once a month, and neither of us have ever become ill. We've ordered all over the menu, too. It's not like we've just stuck to pad thai.

chris havens said...

Developing our Industry City Creative Workspaces blog we've found so much good food in the area, and we'll just scratched the surface and listed some of the best near and not so near Industry City