Sunday, January 4, 2009

Light Industry Begins 2009 with Heavy Metal Parking Lot's Jeff Krulik

Heavy Metal Parking Lot is disappointing if you're expecting more than a brief peek into the world of well, a parking lot in which people are waiting to see (or miss, as the case may be) a heavy metal show. However, Jeff Kulik, who co-directed the "documentary," has done a lot more. Check out Light Industry's Calendar for more information, but here is a taste of the January 6th show:

Aficionados of pop culture detritus know Jeff Krulik as co-director, with John Heyn, of the legendary Heavy Metal Parking Lot, the definitive fan-thropological study of drunken Judas Priest devotees cavorting outside Maryland’s now-defunct Capitol Centre arena in 1986. But true heads acknowledge Krulik as Washington DC’s underground auteur of weird Americana; his oeuvre of over fifty documentaries take on everything from the secret history of Lancelot Link, to a Congressional Librarian’s gargantuan porn collection, to the true tale of how Adolf Hitler’s top hat ended up in some guy’s closet in upstate New York.

Light Industry kicks off 2009 by inviting Jeff up to New York to present rarities and tidbits of hidden rock history culled from his personal archive and current projects.

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