Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OLPH on the List of Threatened Schools

The NYT and CBStv.com have stories about the Catholic School troubles around the City. I'm sure most news sources have stories, but those were the first two that I found.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help looks so solid standing there on 5th Avenue. It's hard to believe that it is in danger of being shut down. It will be quite a blow to the area if the school shuts down.

Our Lady of Angels in Bay Ridge is also on the Brooklyn list.


Anonymous said...

OLPH is a wonderful school. Everything humanly possible should be done to prevent the school from closing. If closed, it will have a huge impact on the community.

OLPH needs everyone to help in the fight to save the school.

Anonymous said...

This is the last Catholic School in Sunset Park for the Hispanic Community.

Save OLPH!!!

Marilyn Pastore said...

My name is Marilyn Pastore and I hope they dont close OLPH my families went to OLPH they have been apart of the Sunset PArk community for years, The Belmers, The Cappellinis, and The Pastores I myself went to that school along with all of my cousins. The nuns were great and the teaching wa excellent SOS SOS OLPH

Unknown said...

Thank you for everyone that fought hard to keep OLPH opened. Our enrollment is at 250 and growing! The school continues to flourish and going strong. Please come by the weekend of May 12-May 15 and partake of our Annual Bazaar and witness all the good things that this school is still providing the community with.
Lucy Zamot - HSA Officer