Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sunset Park is the IT Girl for a Day (or two)

Not only does Sunset Park get to be the number two biggest sale in Brooklyn, according to Brownstoner, but we also get mentions all over the crazy world of news bits. In an earlier post, I mentioned New York Magazine's article (which prompted this blip of attention) and Curbed's highlight of the article.

Now, Brownstoner also picked it up! Woohoo! That in addition to a shockingly expensive three-family house that sold on 8th Avenue makes it two mentions in one day. Please take a look at the photo of the house. (It's NOT the brownstone.) $1.8 million? What?


annulla said...

Best of all, none of the stories are bad news about Sunset Park.

Blather From Brooklyn

Anonymous said...

Just wondering where a self-reported, cash-strapped organization like the Brooklyn Chinese-American Association came up with the $2 million. Can anyone tell us where the $ came from? Does BC-AA own any other blgd(s) on same block or around the corner? So many ???
To Annulla: It is bad news if house is torn down and a huge, out-of-context building takes its place.

Anonymous said...

I believe that have a building on the southwest corner of 8th ave and 50th street.