Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Plenty of Condos Available in Sunset Park

With a new condo building going up on 6th Avenue and 46th, you have to wonder what is happening with the many buildings whose condos have been languishing for months, nay, years. The 7th Avenue condo building is one example, and that now has rental signs in the windows. Here are two 8th Avenue examples.

The sign above for a rental Co-Do is for the corner building on 8th and 48th. As you can see below, the units come with a balcony, and 3 bedrooms are rare finds these days. However, calling the number gets a sudden disconnect when you ask about the price. Was it my accent?

The building shown below is still receiving some finishing touches. The sign on the balcony is still optimistic; these condos are for sale. They are on the same 8th Avenue block as the Co-Do building. Will a couple of doors down make a difference in sales? I haven't called this number. Perhaps their phone connection is more solid.

Let me know what happens if you call to inquire about rentals or sales.


Big D said...

I wonder what these are selling for. I enjoy living in Sunset but find coop and condo prices too high. I would imagine that a serious price readjustment will be needed given the collapse of the housing market. The top building seems to have made an effort to avoid the ugly design standards of most of these newer Asian buildings but I guess it wasn't enough. I wonder how sales went at the building that abuts the cemetery on 4th avenue. Seems like that would be an awfully tough sell today.

Anonymous said...

I went inside the one on 48th and 8th to take a was extremely small and they were asking around like 450k+ for one. It was ridiculous considering the poor interior design and layout. The bedrooms can full probably a full side bed and nothing else since they sacrafice the spacing to make a 3rd bedroom...which is big enough for a crib and nothing else. Why can't developer just make a decent size condo and give it a fair price? By the way, the sq ft-ish is like 800.

condo for sale Philippines said...

Stunning condo building. Love to have a room in there.

Deirdre G

arrielle_p said...

Wish to see some photos inside of this condos. Thanks!

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The Nautical Condos said...

There are plenty of condos available in Sunset vallet. Good post

Kirstz said...

Now a day selling a condo is very in-demand and this post happened 4 years ago, I am wondering if there still available unit there. Thanks.