Friday, January 23, 2009

TONY Suggests Sunset Park Restaurants for the Year of the OX

In just a few days, Chinese New Year - this year will be the Year of the Ox - celebrations will begin. Even though Brooklyn's Chinatown has some small celebrations, the best way to celebrate on 8th Avenue will be to eat.

Time Out NY highlights a few places around Sunset's Chinatown. Lucky Eight, on 8th and 52nd, is touted for its live fish tank...pick out your dinner! Don't bother clicking the TONY link in the article. It takes you to some Manhattan restaurant. Sheesh.

Speaking of Manhattan, its Nyonya is mentioned, but we have a Nyonya too. It's had ups and downs, but it's pretty good overall.

Of course Pacificana's dim sum is mentioned. I love this place. If you're planning on going, choose off hours and leave time for a wait. Especially for the next week or so!

Hong Kong Supermarket on 8th and 60th isn't mentioned, but I'm sure you can pick up just about anything you want for the Year of the Ox there.

With that in mind, check out the article from TONY: Time Out NY Article.


Anonymous said...

If you do go to pacificana, bring your own high chairs, they don't have any! My mom and I had a terrible time there trying to eat our meal and pass my then 11 month old between the two of us.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Strange. I am sure I saw some of those blonde wood high chairs there. Maybe they were all being used? Still, good tip to take along one of the portable high chairs.