Friday, January 2, 2009

Violent End to the Year

It's a bit late, I know, but if you haven't seen it's a link to a NY Daily News story about a body found on 47th Street on December 31. It also refers to a Canarsie find.

from the article:

The first body was discovered on 47th Street in Sunset Park about 6:30 PM by a passerby.

The heavily tattooed victim had been shot in the face and appeared to have been thrown out of a car, according to police sources.

"His body was just lying there on the sidewalk," said neighbor Marta Chan, 53. "We didn't hear anything."

Sunset Park residents said Wednesday night's homicide was the second killing on the quiet street in the last month. A man was found stabbed to death on 47th Street just a few weeks ago.

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