Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Re-Zoning 8th Avenue and a Possible Sunset Waterfront Container Port

Gonzalez and rezoning both sides of 8th Avenue.
from the Brooklyn Eagle article:

Both sides of Eighth Avenue from 39th to 60th streets will undergo a zoning study immediately following completion of the rezoning of Sunset Park currently taking place. Commissioner Burden informed Councilwoman González that the Sunset Park Rezoning Plan is expected to be certified in March.

Columbia Street activity may move to Sunset Park.

from the Brooklyn Eagle editorial:

The emotional desire for some to hold on to the Columbia Street piers to keep the old days around is charming but impractical. A working Brooklyn waterfront does not mean the work has to be unloading cargo.

That kind of working waterfront should be located where the work makes sense as well as money. And when you’re talking about a an honest-to-God container port in Sunset Park, you have to also talk about an honest-to-God rail freight tunnel from New Jersey or Staten Island.

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