Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On(e) Sunset Park is Selling Some Units

Brownstoner sure loves Sunset Park lately. Porn, Bahn Mi, and now a return to the rent-controlled turned luxury condo building on 44th and 7th. Phew! They really DO love us! ;)

The "checking in" they do is really an update on the sales going on in the building. Apparently, five units have sold; I only saw three contracts signed on the site, but maybe they have inside information. The comment thread on Brownstoner is full of misunderstandings. Last week's Buy of the Week in the New York Times was in Sunset. It was in one of the coop buildings that hasn't yet gone to mortgages; its price (and low maintenance) is a lot less because of that. Some of the 'Stoners mixed up that building with One Sunset Park (which allows 10% or 20% financing). They are very different animals.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of toxic stuff in Sunset Park. This is what is planned for the refurbished ballfield, west of the pool in the park:

City Council Artificial Turf Hearing

In our last E-Blast we brought your attention to artificial turf and the controversy surrounding its usage in NYC parks (specifically Thomas Jefferson Park, “City Shuts Field Over Lead Concern”- New York Times City Room 12/26/08). In a continuing attempt to shine a light on its potential hazards there will be a hearing on artificial turf and playground safety surfacing in Council Chambers at City Hall on February 9th at 10 AM. If you plan to testify, bring 20 copies of your testimony for committee members.