Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sunset Park Chatter

Over the last few days and weeks, there have been several items that I just didn't bother to post since they'd either received a lot of attention in other forums or because I thought they weren't worth the attention. In some cases, those criteria overlapped. However, having the links sent to me by others tells me that there is interest. So here you go!

Rapid Realty filmed this all over Sunset Park, including the actual park. Topics include the great deals on rent, express trains to Manhattan, 24-hour establishments (although only two are mentioned), and other attractions - and did I mention the express trains to Manhattan?

Rapid Realty's Selling of Sunset Park

Most people around here have probably already heard about Sunset Park's number one status in receiving the most citations for dog poop. While I've seen my share around here, I find it hard to believe we have the most poop. I think it probably has more to do with having a park and perhaps a blitz of ticket writing for the piles dog owners sometimes leave behind. Anyway, we're in the news:

New York Post's take on NYC's Crappiest

The Brooklyn Ink, a student publication from Columbia (the University, not the country) has a couple of Sunset oriented offerings as well.

The item "Snapshots from Sunset Park" seems contrived (someone who sells first communion clothing for a living doesn't know what it's for?), but it contains some cute vignettes.

The other Sunset item, about the "bargain" hotel boom in the area, has some interesting commentary about the hopes and fears regarding having so many potentially empty hotel/motel rooms in the area. Read Sunset Park's Hotels Face Uncertain Future here.

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