Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Sunset ROTD for Brownstoner

Not an original choice, since Matamoros gets all the taco attention (poor Xochimilco across the street!), but Brownstoner posting two Sunset Restaurant of the Day items in February (Ba Xuyen was the 'stoner ROTD on February 2nd.) means we've arrived. Doesn't it? Or does it mean we're leaving?


Eat It Brooklyn said...

I'm always a little unhappy when my favorite little-known places get a lot of press and buzz, but I suppose it's good in general. Although it could mean a shift towards gentrification which isn't good for a lot of people, but not necessarily all bad. I still haven't gotten myself to the places you've recommended though - it's just not an easy trip my my neighborhood.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

It's not that difficult, actually. You can take the B71 (I think that's it) from Atlantic to Matamoros' door. I take that one to go to LICH and Sahadi's. Or you can take the Union Street bus to the R line on 4th Avenue. I used to walk on 3rd Street or Union to get there when I lived in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill.

I prefer those routes over the F to the R choice.