Thursday, March 19, 2009

ANOTHER Hotel for Sunset Park-ish Area

The Brooklyn Eagle rocks. Really. Few, if any, gratuitous exclamation points or Post-like headlines, lots of community events listed, and it give Sunset Park attention once in a while.

According to an article published on-line yesterday, Sunset Park (26th Street, which many would say is now called Greenwood Heights) is getting another hotel. And this one is a high-class chain. Watch your back Days Inn!

This ten-story Best Western will be on 4th Avenue. Will it be blocking any views? That's something to consider since it will be just west of Green-Wood Cemetery. The owner is listed as Joseph Yunatanov, and it is supposed to have 99 rooms.

We'll see if it actually happens, and let's hope it has better news items than the Best Western in Bay Ridge, the Gregory, which has had several deaths occur on its floors.

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Anonymous said...

I am a neighbor... I actually like the way it is comming out. I happened to see the owner in front of the project. Seems like a very respectful gent.