Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dine-In Brooklyn: Same As It Ever Was in Sunset Park

A year ago, Sunset Park was represented by one restaurant during Marty Markowitz's Dine-In Brooklyn week. This year, we are represented by one restaurant again! Maria's Bistro Mexicano is keeping us on the map, or at least on the Dine-In Brooklyn PDF, which can be found here.

So despite all the hype of hipsters and gentrification, a year hasn't changed Sunset all that much. May I humbly suggest that we all go out and TRY to spend $23 on a dinner or lunch for two in Sunset Park during Restaurant Week? There are plenty of places that are stand-bys or new. Use it as your excuse to celebrate some of the cheap eats we have here. Use it as an excuse to check out "that place" you are curious about but never entered.

Leave lunch/dinner suggestions (especially if they are off the usual Matamoros/Pacificana path) for your neighbors in the comments section.

My suggestion is that if you've never gotten a sandwich at Puebla Mini Market on 5th and 39th, get one. They are HUGE (plenty for sharing), and they are freshly made as you wait. $6. You can eat in the little area in the back or take-out. The flautas are really good too.


Sarah said...

Eclipse! My favorite restaurant in the area, hands down, though I don't know how "off the beaten path" it is. The owner is super nice and everything is amazing and fresh!

Steven Baird said...

I agree with Sarah. Eclipse is the best. I like it way better than Maria's, even Maria's has more booze than wine and beer. I also vote for Mai Tai on 8th and 47th? (46th?, I'm not really sure) Other favorites of mine are Super Pollo, Pizza by the Park, and Sunset Diner and Donuts.

Anonymous said...

Not to sound harsh but you guys don't realy know the neighborhood. Super Pollo also offers Peruvian cuisine, Domonicks on 49st and 8th is one of the best pizzas in the neighborhood. As far as Sunset Diner and Donuts or as my family and I like to refer to it, "The DIRTY Diner". Dirty becasue it has been forced to close many times because they failed inspections by the health department. Just this past fall it was closed again for a few days. The gates were half down with a note that read closed for renovations. Truth is the gate was half way down because it covered the mandated posting from the dept of health. Maria's Bistro is nice to go into for a drink with friends (shout out to my boy Troy) but why would I go to Maria's "Bistro" when there are so man authentic mexican restaurants within 2 blocks? Just asking.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Thanks for the comment, and why would that be harsh? People will discover different types of stores and restaurants in different ways. I have to disagree about Dominick's - I've been less than thrilled with their slices. I feel the same way about Eclipse; it was disappointing. I prefer Isabela's.

I've heard the ceviche at Super Pollo is amazing; how is it?

Another suggestion: International for breakfast is fantastic! The yucca is delicious.