Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Cheap Eats: Hand-Pulled Noodles

A hot, steaming bowl of noodle soup sounds good right about now, doesn't it? And what if your soup lunch or dinner were around $5? (A hot bahn mi is cheaper, but sometimes soup is what you want.)

Serious Eats visited Sunset Park's Lan Zhou Handpull Noodle on 8th and 60th for something hot and satisfying. Robyn Lee, the reviewer, gushes about the choice of condiments (including cilantro!) before describing her choice of noodle soup.

from the review:

My beef stew noodle soup was topped with bok choy, pickled mustard greens, and nubs of beef so tender that I could seemingly break them down to their individual muscle fibers. Most were attached to tendons, in case you like your meat with connective tissue as Asians tend to prefer. The beef broth was flavorful enough—better after I added chili paste.

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