Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunset Mural on Third Avenue

Red sky at night, sailors pink sky is still pretty good, no?

This mural is on the Third Avenue wall of the Charles O. Dewey school and playground courts. It's one of many murals that decorate various walls around the school's backside. It depicts the western view from Sunset Park itself. The colors are pretty intense; I like that even the clouds are tinged in pink.


BrooklynBorn said...

nice mural, cool blog!
Somehow after 30+ yrs in Bklyn, I finally moved four years back, to Sunset Park. One walk to the park and I knew no Brooklyn vista could be better. Glad your covering it.


Chaotic Precision said...

I love this Mural. CFL Life Lines program out did themselves.

To. Blog Author
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