Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Street Pain from ConEd and National Grid

So after yesterday's post I received two separate emails that basically said, "Dude, that's nothing. Check out my block!" And so, I did. It's true that ConEd has another site of seemingly deserted roadway destruction, but that comes at the bottom of the page. National Grid (using Keyspan equipment as well) has also created an egregious example of hazardous public works.

As you can see in the above photo, the roadwork on 41st Street between 5th and 7th Avenues was meant to begin 2/20/09 and end 3/20/09. It's still torn up, and there are pipes and other items from Keyspan strewn about. No one was working at this site.
The ditches are quite deep; in some areas they are more than a foot deep. No flimsy, detachable yellow grates for these ditches. Just flimsy gates and cones, sometimes half-buried.
Check out this poor cone (donated by ConEd) languishing in this ditch. It's stuck in the mud.
For much of the span, there is nothing more than a cone and pink streamers shielding foot and car traffic from a deep ditch. Thanks National Grid!

And back to ConEd on 6th Avenue at 47th Street. The ditches aren't as deep, but the work is just as old. Plastic gates block the shallow cuts into the roadway.

And less secure gates attempt to sacrifice themselves for out own good. They've thrown themselves onto the rubble to keep others from following suit.

Maybe these companies need to learn the maxim: Don't start what you can't finish.


Anonymous said...

What a mess!!!!

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