Friday, April 10, 2009

What You See in Sunset Park: Good Friday Procession

At around 10 AM the procession was waiting at 4th Avenue and 53rd Street. Four police cars, two of those little traffic cars, and several more officers on foot were there to help the procession to cross. The crowd took up most of the 4th to 5th block of 53rd Street.
By shortly after 11 AM, they had made it over to the park. Taking 44th Street up the side of the park, the exchange of the cross was made (a teenage looking young man carried it up this steep block), and prayers were said at every block.
Here, the crowds were waved over to the sidewalk by their priest. Very thoughtful to traffic, I think. I was surprised at the lack of followers who joined in the singing. Last year it seemed a lot more passionate.

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