Saturday, April 11, 2009

Black Raspberry Fence Condos* are Now Available (Medical/Professional Space, too!)

The condos that grace 4602 6th Avenue are ready for purchase. They are the Sunset Towers** Condominiums, and they have a website! In fact, it's the same website (and same interior photos) as the condos at 548 46th Street. Well, almost the same website, but the interior photos are identical. Check it out for yourself.

Both sets of condos are available for viewing Monday through Friday, pretty much all day. Who wants to go with me?

* Black Raspberry because of this.
**Why the plural? Is there an unseen tower?

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Anonymous said...

I am extremely happy that someone finally built something in that former parking space. I was sick and tired of seeing commercial trucks and vehicles parking on the block, especially since they did not live on 46th street. Much needed extra parking for the block residents!