Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Night's Zoning Speak-Out

Did anyone attend? Was it a madhouse, or did anything fruitful occur? Do tell.


Anonymous said...

Kind of a mess. I felt like people were being unrealistic all over.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,

There is another meeting regarding the proposed rezoning of Sunset Park coming up this Saturday, open to the public for comments, information. Here is the link to the proposed changes, The areas marked "R6B" (increased height limits on residential streets like ours) and "R7A" (higher development, increased transit along 7th avenue and 4th Ave) are the largest affected portions. I am going to try to make it to the meeting on Saturday. I hope all interested will show up as well, if the proposed changes are taken advantage of by developers, it will drastically change the neighborhood. So, whichever side of the fence you're on it would be nice to hear everyone's thoughts.
Hope you all are having a pleasant week,

SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2009- 1:00 P.M at OLPH School Auditorium–


Anonymous said...

My neighbor attended. She said the vast majority of people who spoke were against the plan. She said it was packed and people had placards. Most of the people who spoke were from Chinatown or from SPAN.

My sense is that most residents are for the rezoning, but the people who are against are more likely to go to protest the plan.

She also said it seemed like the Community Board supports the plan.

Anonymous said...

The person a couple of spots above must be one of the out-of-towners yelling against the plan... R6B will "increase height limits"... ughhhh... actually right now there are NO height limits. R6B will mean the maximum height allowed will be 50 feet.
The meeting was full of people who don't live in Sunset Park who were brought in as puppets to oppose any plan supported by the City. Their placards were all in the same handwriting, on the same paper stock, and stating the same thing. Outside, people were handing out cards telling people what to say against the plan!!! Scandalous... Most people who actually LIVE in the area seemed for it