Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brokelyn does Bohio #3

Sunset is featured in Brokelyn again. I'm sure they'll find a lot to purchase cheaply here as time goes by. Anyway, it's doubly fun because our favorite Sunset photographer (because she sends us fantastic photos of the neighborhood and because she's talented and because she's just cool) has her photos featured on the page. Kudos, Vanessa! I think the photos she most recently sent, particularly the one below are spectacular, and I don't even eat what's on that plate!

from Vanessa's family's Lechonera experience:

The plate I shot [shown above] consists of pork, rice with pigeon peas, and a specialty dish called "pasteles". I purchased an order of rice, a pound of roast pork, and 2 pasteles. It came out to be $15.00 flat. It fed all of us full with nothing left over.

You probably know that *pasteles are made from a root plant like yuca or yautia and plantains and are usually filled with a type of meat. Since this is a "lechonera" (pork restaurant) it was filled with pork. They were very, very delicious!

There are interesting family meal deals that I my look into when we are crunched for time. They run about $15-30.00 for everything in a meal for 4-5 people and a liter of Coke.


Patrick Nielsen Hayden said...

Another Sunset Park-area eatery with remarkably good roast pork is La Parada on Fourth Avenue between 31st and 32nd. My wife blogged about it nearly three years ago; it's still there and still good.

Anonymous said...

El Bohio does awesome pork.