Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bakery Etiquette in Sunset Park

With all the delicious and affordable treats (some call them lunch) around Sunset Park, no one should have to miss out due to not knowing how to partake properly. Many bakeries are your basic walk-in, point or ask, receive and pay, walk-out and enjoy types of shops. However, others, like Don Paco and Dragon Bay have different ways of getting you your fix.

Many bakeries on 4th and 5th Avenues have a stack of trays and tongs by the door. Grab one of each and head to the racks and racks of pink, yellow, crunchy delights that you see inside. Fill your tray with what you want (even if it's just one cookie), and then head to the cashier. You can order a nice cafe con leche (or whatever) to dunk the treats into. (thanks to veesvision for the photos above!)

Things are a little different on 8th Avenue. While places like Blue Sky have the cakes and buns behind a counter, others have displays out in the seating area and they are guarded by workers who will do the take care of putting what you want on a tray for you. It often takes some pointing and head shaking if you want a particular roll or bun, but you eventually get what you want. This way, only one person is handling the food - not a bad idea. They are quick, too. I've only waited in a line a couple of times, and that was around lunch-time.

Of course, if no one is standing by the display, use the method described above. In some cases, if you move in slow-motion, a worker will run out and apologize while taking the tray from your hands and finishing up your order.

Either way, it's the best 50 cents to a dollar you could spend on the Avenues. Happy eating!


Anonymous said...

Sunset Park is making me sooooo fat. Need to run out in the park after work tonight. :-)

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

All things in moderation, my friend. One red bean bun a week. One oreja a week. One bubble tea every two weeks. One cafe con leche the other week.

Yeah, right. ;)

Anonymous said...

I still think the goods inside the bakery should be keep away in display cases or warming ovens. As the picture shows, anyone can walk by the goods, sneeze or cough germs over them. (On the good side, at lease we won't have dirty hands touching the goods.)