Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cheap Eats: Dumplings and 5th Avenue

Two suggestions from various sources for weekend chow:

1. TimeOutNY has a list of the "Best Cheap Dumplings in NYC" and Sunset's Wong Wong Noodle Shop is first on the list. Here's what they had to say about it:

Wong Wong Noodle Shop
While the whap-whap of hand-pulled wheat noodles dominates this soup shack, the place also fashions fat little purses of pork and scallions that dribble meaty juices with each bite ($3 for 12). 5410 Eighth Ave at 54th St, Sunset Park, Brooklyn (718-633-5633).

Love the use of onomatopoeia, and I wish they made dumplings with just scallions and cabbage. But there are plenty of places on 8th where you can buy dumplings (veggie or otherwise) for 4 for a dollar or so. Several places that look like they don't sell anything (just a white booth with a see-through window) actually sell delicious stuff to take home a cook. It's inexpensive and usually quite good. Enjoy.

2. How did I miss this? Brokelyn also points out that this Sunday will be a 5th Avenue walking delight:

Sunday from 11 to 6, the Sunset Park BID is turning Fifth Avenue from 44th to 52nd Street into a pedestrian zone, which is great by us because that is a great drag for cheap stuff. Your starting point: a $5.45 Dominican breakfast at the International Restaurant, across the street from Sunset Park at 4408 5th Ave. between 44th & 45th Streets. Or grab a mango pastry from La Gran Via, a few blocks south at 4516 Fifth Ave. Either way, you’ll have to walk to Bay Ridge to work off the calories.


Anonymous said...

Family dumpling at 7th and 56th is the best for my money. Watch as the matriarch and her brood roll out the dumplings old school style. You get your usual chinese choice of pork, pork, pork, pork, or vegetable ( which is sometimes pork, depending on how insistant you are with the patriarch at the register ). Better in the spring or fall, as these gut busters are not delicate little japanese gyoza.

Anonymous said...

This is a general comment--any idea what's happening with the Brooklyn Tiki Bar on 4th between 33 and 34th? It's been closed for three days now with no explanation.