Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cable and Internet Service Reviews for Sunset Park?

Update: I just found this article. Too funny.

A question from a reader:

I am tired of such unreliable internet/cable service from Time Warner (with Earthlink). I'm wondering if you have heard good reviews of (or had good experiences with) any providers? It would be good to hear from others as well.

I've already posted about my experiences with Time Warner, but what do other people think? For internet, we have Verizon (I think!) DSL - Verizon for my cell phone as well. My cell service is very spotty in the apartment; there's definitely a black hole of service on this hill. The DSL is pretty good, but it gets very slow, very often.

What are your experiences with staying connected to the world of information and communication?


Jess W. said...

I have Direct TV for cable. And I LOVE it. It's $40 per month with way more channels than TW at that price. They only offer internet through Verizon though, and the service couldn't be installed for two weeks. We went with Time Warner for cable and yes, it stinks. We're going to probably "upgrade" but we don't know what other options exist. We didn't have it with earthlink though- I think that's the old-school setup.

Anonymous said...

I have had Verizon DSL for several years since they introduced it. Make sure you know which of their 3 plans you're signing up for.

I worry more about the download speed (for youtube and steaming data) than the upload. For about $20 you get 1 Mbps (divide this by 8 bits per byte you get about 100kilobyte a second. The Mbps is MegaBitsPerSecond, not megabyte (MB) that we usually talk about).

For another $10 you get 3Mbps and for yet another $10 you get 7.1 Mbps (this is close to 1 MB per second for $40 a month.)

Joe M. said...

My roommate and I have TWC with earthlink and haven't had any problems for 3+ years so I'm not sure what you're referring to? We are paying over $100 a month though (basic and standard cable + internet + 2 boxes + DVR for my roommate) so I'd be interested to hear what other options are out there. If my roommate didn't use TV so much I'd like to just have internet service but we use so much I'm not sure DSL would be enough.

Anonymous said...

For the Internet I have tw cable which I have been completly satisfied with. I switched from verizon which had annoying slow downs and was ten back more a month. (30 v 40). No tv service for me.

Anonymous said...

I've had Time Warner without issue for two years. I did have some initial troubles with an intermittent connection, but it turned out I had an older modem. I switched it out free of charge for a new model and have had no troubles since. I think we pay around $100 for internet and basic cable with one pay channel (HBO).

Beehive Hairdresser said...

Although I'm in Bay Ridge, I must say that I'll never touch TimeWarner anything again.

I have VerizonDSL and love it. There was a sketchy period with it, the tech came out and found out that my 50-plus year old connection to the pole had rotted through, they made a new connection at no charge to me and I've been great ever since. (watch I just jinxed myself)

Anonymous said...

I've had atrocious experiences with TWC in Sunset Park, for the last 15 years or so.

Whenever there needs to be a system infrastructure upgrade, they drag their feet about it. A man comes to fix it, but doesn't actually do it. Several months later it actually gets fixed. But then the cycle repeats itself over and over, because these wirings need constant maintenance.

Customer service isn't very helpful, and it's not like we get some sort of a credit when something goes wrong for prolonged periods of time.

It's pretty clear to me by now that because Sunset Park is a "poor" neighborhood that TWC pays very little attention to it.