Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SPAN wants Astoria Generating Company to Listen

Sign the petition TODAY! (The filing goes in tomorrow.)

The issue concerning Astoria Generating Company's power plant(s) has a history of trying to get the word out, and now SPAN members would like a chance for Sunset Park residents to voice their opinions about the Astoria Generating Company's power plant in Sunset Park. Take a look at the email sent out by SPAN members, and at the very least, consider signing the petition (link below) to allow for residents to have a voice. Perhaps residents will be pro, perhaps they'll be con, but this has been in the works for a long time; giving those who will be most affected (I don't think the execs at AGC live around here) a chance to be heard is worth some time, isn't it?

from the SPAN email:

Hello Everyone,

We are writing today for your support and action! The Astoria Generating Company, the corporation looking to site another power plant in Sunset Park, has filed a Motion for Expedited Processing Without Oral Testimony to the Public Service Commission. If this Motion passes, the power plant company has the ability to decide on power plant placement without public hearings! This is a clear violation of democracy where the community has no say on decisions that will affect us, our children and our way of life.

On Wednesday, SPAN will be filing a legal request to block this motion. Please see it attached.

Please support us by signing a petition in support: http://www.petitiononline.com/SPANSPAN/petition.html

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Anonymous said...

Nice job. We need to get this petition out. US POWER GENERATING COMPANY and their Astoria Generating Plant are polluting the environment and harming the public around it. They are known to be huge pollutants to the environment and they don't give a shyt about the people in the communities or the fate they suffer. This company needs to be investigated by the government.