Monday, August 10, 2009

Young Dancers in Repertory Perform on Wednesday

photo from the YDR website

As usual, the Friends of Sunset Park bring us something to fill our Wednesday mornings in the summer. This week the Young Dancers in Repertory, who have been giving dance and movement lessons on Thursdays, will be performing at 10:30 AM by the chess tables.

Don't miss their moves; they always give a wonderful performance!

The lessons and performances are best aimed at the pre-school to elementary set. Very young children might be too distracted to enjoy/take advantage.*

*See first comment for more info - apparently this Wednesday's performance is good for all ages!

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Maria Roca-FoSP said...

Wednesday's performance covers Popular American Dances of the 20th Century and, therefore, will be lively and active, i.e. Polka, Virginia Reel, Lindy Hop, Salsa, Twist, Jerk, etc. It is not organized as a dance class, per se, but as a performance with some audience participation. It is safe to say that children of all ages will be interested; infants and toddlers will definitely enjoy being held/cradled by an adult moving to the beat of the Lindy Hop or Twist, while Teens and older will get shaking, as well.