Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's Old is New Again: San Lucas Returns to 7th Avenue

They will try to keep the "as" from Las Cazuelas as San Lucas goes up. Desayunos Mexicanos are $4 - and the San Lucas name will hopefully help business return as it returns.

The men putting up the new name seemed optimistic and very happy that it would be called San Lucas once again. A woman I ran into commented that the kitchen is always going, even if the dining room looks empty. It's a tough corner. It competes with 8th Avenue and 5th Avenue, and it's not particularly close to a train.

Good luck to them.


living on 49th said...

When it was Las Cazuelas we had a couple of good dinners there. My sons loved the quesadillas, and their sauces were very good.

I wonder why the name changed - again.

Anonymous said...

tasty food, decent prices, would always go back