Sunday, November 8, 2009

72nd Community Council Meeting on Tuesday (bring a card!)

In addition to letting residents know about the state of the precinct regarding crimes and misdemeanors, this month's 72nd Community Council meeting could be a chance to send some support overseas to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sara Gonzalez' office is collecting cards of support and happy wishes to send over to USA troops serving right now. Children are encouraged to create their own cards that wish soldiers well. You can bring them to the Community Council meeting at 7:30 PM meeting on Tuesday at the Marien Heim Houses on 45th and 4th. If you can't make that, I'm sure you can drop cards off at the offices of Sara Gonzalez on 56th Street at 5th Avenue. Call 718-439-9012 to double-check before bringing them over.

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