Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cool Kid's Birthday in Sunset Park

What to do in the colder months for a kid's birthday? In the summer, it's easy: Get a pinata, order up some pizzas, snag a picnic table at about 9 AM on the weekend, and away you go. But in the windy, cooler, less-than-friendly-to-health weather, you have to take it indoors. If you're like me, you shove all your furniture to the walls, set out hummos, crackers, carrots, sweet treats, and stick candles in a cake from Gran Via. Then you look away to drink a couple of glasses of wine while children run around and your kid shrieks about all of his toys being "shared" too much. Fun. No, really, it's fun.

But there are also the parents who try (and succeed) at being a touch more creative. They are the ones who set out deadly and delicious dip, smoked cheeses, rice krispies treats, Jim Beam, and Yuengling in a can. They let the kids play with a sitter while the parents can relax just a little more than usual. They are also the ones who have friends who make super-cool cakes and snacks.

At one such "He's Three!" birthday party this weekend, I got to eat art. Not only was the cake a super-cool construction site (see above), but another guest brought some anime characters masquerading as chocolate marshmallows and cream puffs. Anna the Red, of Anime Bento Lunch fame, was there - and she brought the adorable items pictured below. Sorry about the poor quality of the cream puff bunnies. They were incredibly cute and delicious. If no one had been looking, I would have eaten a baker's dozen of those marshmallow monsters. As it was, I just had one - yum!

The cream puffs were a big hit. My son only wanted to each the bunny heads, however. I had to eat the bodies. Too cute.

To read an interview with Anna the Red in Wired, click here.

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