Saturday, November 14, 2009

Maria's Will Warm You Up

Jalapeno infused tequila shot

Until last night, I'd never stopped in to Maria's just for drinks; it was always the lunch special, brunch special, or guacamole (yum!) that brought me there. Now I've been introduced to the nightlife - Maria's Bistro Mexicano style. And it was good.

We (five Sunset Park moms sans strollers, partners, kids) sat at the bar and had a grand old time. Troy (manager/barkeep) let us know that there was a seasonal margarita available: Pumpkin. None of us were too excited about that idea. Pumpkin? He said that it's made with real pumpkin puree. It didn't sound particularly appetizing, but a woman in the dining area ordered one - perhaps as a dessert drink? - and it came with some whipped cream. She seemed quite pleased with the result.

After we got our order of sangrias, beer, and wine, Troy gave us a shot of the pumpkin margarita to taste. And you know, it was really, really good. It wasn't super sweet, and it still tasted like a margarita - just with pumpkin. Somehow it went well together. One of our group got it as her second drink, and she said it was very tasty (she didn't have whipped cream). So, I suggest that if it sounds good to you, try it...perhaps as an after dinner drink.

The sangria is always a solid go-to choice, but if you're looking for something a little different, don't overlook the shelves behind the bar. There are three bottles with various tequila infusions. Blueberry, strawberry, and jalapeno tequila. Two of us got the jalapeno, and while the bite was slight, there was a nice flavor that followed the tequila. Troy said that when it was first made, the jalapeno flavor really screamed for attention. Maybe he'll make a new bottle soon for those who want some pain with their drinks.

With karaoke on Saturday nights (10 PM), excellent bar food (I saw fried avocado on the menu, but didn't try it), and lots of light and more serious drinks to choose from, Maria's will definitely help to keep Sunset Park warm this winter.

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