Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunset Park's Chinatown Has the Best Chinese Food Outside of China

Seriously. It's not my amateurish, naive opinion. It was printed in The Brooklyn Eagle, and it's Andrew Coe, a full-fledged, published author, who said it:

from the article:

So where can one go for the real stuff? Coe fully contends that the best Chinese food he’s had outside of China can be found in Brooklyn’s own Sunset Park. He particularly recommends the dim sum at Pacificana (813 55th St. at 8th Ave.), soups at Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodles (5924 8th Ave.), Cantonese dinner at Lucky Eight (5204 8th Ave.), and spicy cold rice noodles at Yun Nan Snacks (775 49th St.)

I'm currently reading Andrew Coe's Chop Suey: A Cultural History of Chinese food in the United States (thanks to Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog), and so far it's very informative and entertaining. As any parent of young children knows, a book that can be read in a months-long string of ten minute chunklets is a gift. This one manages to be that book without feeling too fluffy or simple.

So anyway, this Andrew Coe thinks that Sunset's Chinese food is the best anywhere outside of China. Yay! Click on the Brooklyn Eagle link above to find out what his favorite meal in Sunset Park's Chinatown is.

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