Friday, February 6, 2009

Sound Installations at Diapason Gallery

Diapason Gallery is only open Saturdays from 2 PM - 8 PM. And starting this Saturday, and continuing through the 28th, it will have Seth Nehil's Swarm/Knives as a sound installation. It's free!

Here's what the website says about the installation's goals:

"To create a space between events that is charged. To call, connecting across space and invigorating an atmosphere. To confuse space as time for making a music. To utilize an erotics of distance."

See the upcoming events section of the website for more information.

Diapason Gallery is located at 882 Third Avenue, between 32nd and 33rd Streets. It's on the 10th floor. Call 718-499-5070 for more information.

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Andrea Janes said...


I like your blog and nominated it for a Dardo, because it's my favorite Sunset Park blog!

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