Saturday, February 7, 2009

Keep Construction Sites Ad Free

Since we must look at construction fences anyway, which would you prefer: 1) Plain, reasonable well maintained plywood fencing or 2) Plastered in ads of all stripes that peel off and look nasty on plywood fencing. If you would rather see the first option, keep reading.

Considering the amount of construction that has slowed or halted around Sunset Park lately, the issue detailed below could affect us greatly and for a long time. The link below leads you to pre-written letters (but you can add some personal details as well) that encourage the City Council to vote against allowing billboards on construction fencing.

Forwarded by CB 7:

From the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation:

Last week the City Council held a hearing on Intro. 623, a bill which would for the first time ever legalize billboards on sidewalk sheds (scaffolds) in parts of the city, including our neighborhoods. GVSHP was there to oppose the bill, which would increase advertising signage in our neighborhoods and likely result in sidewalk sheds unnecessarily remaining up longer than ever before, as they generate big bucks for advertisers. GVSHP has long fought the proliferation of inappropriate billboards in our neighborhoods, and recognizes that sidewalk sheds, while sometimes performing a necessary public safety function, can also be a blight and a danger in our neighborhoods.


Send a letter opposing Intro. 623 and the impact it would have on our neighborhoods:


Folks, just think of what our area would look like if developers are allowed to sell ad space on their sidewalk sheds on current and upcoming construction projects? Our community's streets would go from battle zones (i.e. think of 16th St. in the South Slope) to battle zones + 42nd St/Times Square.


They have already pre-written sample letters for us. Took me 2 minutes to send the two letters to CM Katz and CM Dilan. I encourage our local CM DeBlasio and CM Gonzalez to oppose the bill if it comes up for vote.

Take the time to write these letters today.

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