Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunset Park Rezoning Meeting on Saturday

Be aware that the following email contains some claims that are un-proven. However, the efforts of the organizers are positive for the community, and anything that encourages people to get involved and educate themselves about their chosen neighborhood is a really good thing.

Update: Brownstoner has a great map and information about the re-zoning in Sunset Park. PLEASE check it out! The 60 day public comment has begun, so comment if you care.

from the Sunset Park Alliance of Neighbors listserve:

How are City policies threatening to displace

residents and small businesses in the Sunset Park community?

Come and participate in a presentation and discussion at:

Saturday, April 25th @ 1pm

Trinity Church- 411 46th Street at corner of 4th Avenue

(Food and beverages provided)

Sunset Park has become increasingly unaffordable for low-income residents and families. With the increase in condominiums being built, high rents that make it difficult for low income families and small businesses to survive, and increasing costs for food and transportation, just to name a few changes, you may be wondering what is happening and what can I do about it?

There is a rezoning plan under consideration by the City of New York and Community Board 7 that will have serious implications for our community if passed. The proposed rezoning plan will up-zone the avenues in Sunset Park, which will encourage developers to demolish existing buildings to build luxury high rises. As a result, property values will be raised along with rent.

Ultimately, the proposed plan will not provide a single unit of low-income housing and will continue to push out working people and small businesses in the neighborhood. Meanwhile the City of New York under the Bloomberg administration passed plans to downzone and protect properties in the predominantly wealthier white community of Park Slope and Bay Ridge.

From Harlem to Willets Point in Queens, and to the Lower East Side and Chinatown, billionaire Mayor Bloomberg has pushed similar rezoning plans that have devastated communities. He has slashed the budget, while increasing costs, such as for MTA fares, for working people, robbing the working poor to feed the filthy rich. Essentially, Mayor Bloomberg is shifting the economic crisis on to the backs of working people.

Find out what you can do about your community and how to protect it !

For more information, please contact: Committee to Protect Sunset Park at (347) 661-2665


Wendy Cheung Johnny Trellis

Committee to Protect Sunset Park

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ccgh said...

Rezonings and affordable housing initiatives are to separate things. Apples and oranges. And I am not talking "inclusive" programs, which have not worked in Park Slope, Greenpoint/Williamsburg, etc.. If you want to protest the ULURP, protest the zoning, not another unrelated mater.