Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gleaned Sunset Links

Here are a few links of Sunset interest lifted from sites much more diligent than this one:

via Brownstoner Savings in Sunset Park [NY Daily News]
- The most interesting thing about this list of places is the information about Tony Garofalo, the owner of Tony's Barber Shop. He's such a nice guy. The weirdest thing is the "savings" at the 5th Avenue C-Town. Sounds pretty standard to me.

from Gothamist: Brooklyn Sex Club Shut Down By Judge!
- Lots of good links to get the background in case you missed the hullabaloo when the NYT got kinky with the club.

And because you can't get enough about sex clubs on a Wednesday:

via Curbed · Sunset Park sex club closed six weeks after NYT profiled it [NY Law Journal]
- I thought this place was considered Greenwood Heights, but maybe I'm getting my swinger/sex clubs mixed up. Or maybe it's just another case of the really good stuff being considered Sunset Park.

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