Monday, June 15, 2009

Swim Season is Coming - Get Informed!

A local parent, with patience (the result of necessity!) and perseverance, stayed on the phone to bring us this information about swimming lessons at the Sunset Park pool.

Having called the number last year, I can attest to the high frustration-level this call creates. If you want to sign-up your child for lessons, you can either wait in the long, long lines on registration day, or you can take your chances with showing up, or you can show up after the crowds on registration day and get on the waiting list.

Here you go (and thank you to this neighborhood mom!):

I just called the Citywide Aquatic Division of the NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation to find out the schedule for free swimming lessons at Sunset Park Pool. In order to save everyone from listening to the painfully slow automated message, I am posting all the information and the key pad selections to get to that information:

Citywide Aquatic Division of NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation: (718) 760-6969

Press 1 for the Learn to Swim Program
Press 2 for Brooklyn
Press 2 for Lower Brooklyn
Press 6 for Sunset Park

The Free Beginner Learn to Swim Classes are available Monday-Friday mornings from 8AM-11AM for 2 age groups (1.5 - 5yr olds, 6-14year olds) in 3 sessions.
Swim ability of 6-14 year olds is conducted by verbal interview of both parent and child.
Tots must be accompanied in water by an adult.
Registration is on a 1st come 1st served basis.
You must complete a consent form (the message didn't specify but I guess you'd get the consent form at registration) and bring in a copy of the child(ren)'s birth certificate.

Session 1
Registration: Monday, July 6th 9AM-11AM
Classes: July 7 - July 22

Session 2
Registration: Thursday, July 23rd 9AM-11AM
Classes: July 24 - Aug 11

Session 3
Registration: Wednesday, August 12th 9AM-11AM
Classes: Aug 13 - Aug 28

Happy Swimming!!

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