Thursday, August 20, 2009

Links for a Lazy Thursday

First the fun stuff: Eating in Translation has licuados from Tonny's.

Then the weird stuff: Our Velazquez is giving money to Brooklyn Heights for lamps? (They are really pretty lamps.)

Now the disgruntled (on my part) stuff: Lutheran provides authentic Chinese meals for patients in the Chinese unit. Why disgruntled? Because when I was there, I had to send my husband out to supplement the bread I got for breakfast. Apparently a vegetarian breakfast is very tough. I wasn't asking for vegan. Yoghurt? Eggs? A PB & J? Something PROTEIN that never had a face to help recover from surgery. Hello? And never mind about the lunch or dinner. I mean, it's not big deal, but I'm still a tad disgruntled. (That, and I like the word disgruntled.)


Anonymous said...

Chinese unit- Don't quite understand how Lutheran has money for a Chinese Unit while always crying funding woes when caught with their pants down re Emergency Rm. care response.

When my mother stayed there last year, they had to enlist a Porter to translate from/into Spanish during Doctor and Nurse visits; have heard same from Arabic, Polish and Hindu-speaking families. This disconnect also exists at Augustana Home- across the street from & affiliated with Lutheran.

I'm wondering where the money for the Chinese Unit is coming from? Special Interests, perhaps- Sell out-for sure. This is how an institution who's supposed to serve the PUBLIC and receives MILLIONS/BILLIONS in PUBLIC MONEY goes bad. Shame on LUTHERAN for promoting divisiveness, unless they're about to cut the ribbon on the Latino Unit, the Vegetarian/Vegan Unit, the Polish Unit, the Hindu Unit...

Wouldn't it have been more in keeping with the PUBLIC mission of Lutheran to offer various ethnic cuisines from the central kitchen? This is New York, for heavens sake!

Wonder what Wendy has to say about this.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I can vouch for the existence of halal/kosher food. When I raised a stink about not getting veggie options, I was given a halal meal.

Emily said...

We can't get $$ to hire more clean-up crew but BH gets prettier lamps?!? And somebody please tell me how many more tourists will visit because of their street lamps. Please.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you did not get the proper meal served to you when in the hospital, but there are 50 million people in the united states without any health care at all right now. not exactly something that can be fixed by one's hubby running to the grocery.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Anonymous of August 21,

Thanks for inserting a red herring into the conversation. The larger issue of not having health care isn't directly related, is it? Insurance companies don't provide health care (or vegetarian meals), hospitals do. Hospital staff make choices. I was reacting to the ability of one group of people to get the equivalent of a "home cooked meal" at the hospital when others couldn't even get a hard-boiled egg from the kitchen.

I'm very well aware of the health care crisis in the USA right now, fear not. Insurance reform is absolutely necessary, and the conversation has been muddied plenty by unrelated issues and imagined fears. Hello, death panels?