Thursday, August 20, 2009

Press Conference Announces Lawsuit about Rezoning

Update: NY1 reports on the press conference and suit.

My one question is: has development of large residential buildings (often touted as luxury) along 39th Street, 6th, 7th, 8th Avenues, and up and down several side streets (like 42nd and 43rd) has displaced anyone. Or does it depend on the developers and who they know?

The suit attempts to address this by pointing out the numerous less-than-5000 sq foot lots that have been developed. If that item can be adjusted, I'd be more satisfied. It also addresses the commercial zoning along 5th Avenue and the encouragement the rezoning would give to chains over local business. Hope for the best, I suppose.

from the press release:

Brooklyn, NY—Two long-time Sunset Park residents, five local churches and a community group, Chinese Staff and Workers' Association (CSWA), have filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court challenging the Department of City Planning’s (DCP) proposed rezoning of 128 blocks in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. They claim that the rezoning plan will encourage more luxury development and large chain stores, resulting in widespread residential and commercial displacement and gentrification among Sunset Park's low-income Asian and Latino communities.

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Michael Comeau said...

I've been wondering what affect all these units would have on housing prices. Virtually all of them appear to be empty.