Monday, February 2, 2009

Ba Xuyen is Restaurant of the Day on Brownstoner

Uh oh. More attention paid to Ba Xuyen's Bahn Mi. (Their egg and cheese is a great deal, too!)

Brownstoner has commentary, links, and information about everyone's favorite Vietnamese sandwich makers.

Even though the sandwiches have gone up a quarter, and the drinks also got more expensive, it's still a great buy for lunch. Just don't try to go for a late night snack; it closes early!


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, the Taro and Red Bean cakes are excellent companions to the Bahn Mi as well. Not too sweet, very tasty!

I'm happy they are getting good press but I'm not looking forward to the preppy park slopers slamming the place on a Saturday afternoon.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

So funny Brownstoner mentions this place the same day you tell me to try it. I put it on my list right away, BEFORE they featured it. I need to round my Bahn Mi experiences out! Thanks again!