Monday, February 2, 2009

One Less Place to Get Your Feet Pressed

This storefront is now available. It's half a storefront, really. This one didn't leave because of rising rents, from what I was told. They simply moved to Manhattan's Chinatown. Pulling up stakes and closing the circle. Consolidating businesses. Searching for higher trafficked areas.

So fare thee well, Yan Yan Foot Reflexology. I guess the Year of the Ox really is a year of change for some. Let's hope the cleaners next door don't take off. Another one on 3rd Avenue just closed unexpectedly. Is this the beginning (continuation) of the end?

I doubt it; there are an awful lot of new places (restaurants, delis, mini-groceries) opening up lately. Well, I don't doubt it actually, I just hope not. Give them some love, people!

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